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I have a Pioneer PDP-RO6U.

Here's the problem:

I currently have a cable box and a DVD player connected to it. Cable box is on Input 1.

Initially, my DVD player was connected via RGB cables on Input 3. One day video stopped working (but sound still came through because sound is connected through separate speakers from a Denon receiver).

I figured the RGB cable had gone bad.

I then bought a new HDMI cable to connect the DVD player (also a Pioneer if it matters) through HDMI input 3. This way I wouldn't need to have the receiver on with all of the speakers to watch a DVD.

So now the connection is as follows:

Cable Box -> HDMI -> Input 1

DVD -> HDMI -> Input 3

However, now there is no picture or sound from the DVD player. I tried a known good different HDMI cable. No go.

Then I connected the DVD player to Input 1 and the Cable Box to Input 3, and low and behold, the DVD player worked, but now the cable box didn't.

This leads me to believe there is a problem with Input 3 on the TV. But the Input still shows up when I am cycling through available inputs on the TV.

Is there some sort of factory reset I should perform on the TV to see if that fixes the issue or is this going to have to be an expensive fix?

Any suggestions are welcome.
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