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Help with plasma TV decision! Panasonic TH50PX80 or Samsung PN50A550??

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Can't decide on which TV to buy? Any suggestions?

Option 1: Samsung PN50A550 set for $1300 (1080p).
Option 2: Panasonic TH50PX80U (Costco Version) (720p) for $1150

I'd like to get the TH50PZ80U, but $1700 here in Canada is too much

If you had to pick what would you buy? I'd like to the get the Samsung as it's 1080p, but everyone tells me not to buy Samsung plasma's as they have burn in issues.

Set will be used for:

1. A lot of TV (HD/Standard) and some sports

2. Movies

3. A little bit of gaming.

Anyone have any comments. This has been bothering me for the last week
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Maxpc, you should post this in the plasma forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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