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long time lurker here, this site is very informative!

I am planning on using 3 optoma ep749 projectors with a maxtrox triplehead2go breakout box and my pc s.

Essentially, using just one output windows will see all 3 projectors as 1 screen.

I would have a 3072 x 768 pixels screen, hopefully pretty seamless. The main reason i want to try this is for games, the matrox allows with some games to actually have (in their words) a"wider in-game field of view" or "surround gaming".

I dont know how using the setup would be for daily PC use but we ll see. It would be nice to be able to watch hi def movies, and games with my consoles.

I already have all the materials except that which i need to project the image on, with the projectors just bought and still sealed.

So, will reality crush this dream ??

the second major problem concerns the extended warranty.I usually dont get an extended warranty on anything (the exception being my everyday, get banged up use everywhere thinkpad) so i am not very knowledgeable in this area and i will not take anything of what an employee says at full face value.

I bought these at best buy,

the extended (product service plan) is 150$,

bulbs are around 300$

Price of projectors is slightly higher than that of the bulb.

The only thing im sure of is that i would get one free bulb replacement.

Other than that, I ve read accounts of people having to call, submit an online form or go instore to try and get it fixed , and if it is broken some people have gotten the price of the purchase back in store credit or another projector similar in specs.....

So, whats the real deal and is it worth it ? Im tempted to try and find another one, test it and use it as a backup.



Did i mention how much this site has helped me ??

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Thanks for posting and when you do get this set up I sure hope you post some pictures. This is a very ambitious project and something I have thought about doing with 2 XGA projectors a few times.

What I see as the hardest part will be getting the images aligned. You will need some very good mounts and have them secured very solid. Something like the chief mount setup I used would be good and I would adapt that to some precision method of adjusting. Fine screw threads etc. I have set up one EP749 and it throws a nice image and is very bright so projector wise you should be ok. I think no matter how good you do the install you will most likely see some line between the panels but if done carefully you should have something not many people have or have ever seen.

What are your plans for a screen? DIY? Curved? Screen size?

Good luck and like I said post some pictures.

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Check out the Mack extended warranties, they're less expensive and they also offer optional bulb protection.

Have you thought about rotating the projectors 90 degress? That would give you 2304x1024.

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