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Help with projecting images on ground

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I'm in need of a ceiling-mounted projection system, for displaying images and video on the ground. I think the easiest way of describing what I want to do is to share this link:  http://www.gesturetek.com/gesturefx/productsolutions_groundfx.php


My working area is a rather large warehouse-size room, with high ceilings (20-30ft). I'd like the ground projection area to be at least 4m x 4m (the bigger the better). I'm not too familiar with projection systems, but I think my main concern would be light intensity and image quality, as light intensity drops proportional to radius^2. 


If anyone can point me to the best projector capable of handling this task, or a DIY tutorial for this, or any other ideas in general regarding this project, I would appreciate it. I can provide more details if needed.


Thanks all, I appreciate any help!
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The other factor you may want to consider is the orientation of the projector. Most won't tolerate being tilted more than 10-15 degrees out of horizontal before they start having issues with heat dissipation. If you plan on running this setup more than an hour or so at a time and not be buying bulbs every couple of hundred hours, I'd look at using a mirror with any conventional, moderately priced projector. There may be some unique model that offers this feature for a reasonable price, but I suspect you will need to be prepared for some major sticker shock.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I had not thought of that, actually, thanks! Any recommendations regarding projector types? Budget is probably in the low $thousands.
I've seen some board game players setup a projector/mirror combo to have it show in the ground. Might be something worth looking into: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lX7lmMKIFKA

Very interesting. I'm a bit concerned about the size of the projections I'm seeing here however. Any ideas if a 4m x 4m area is remotely possible? Thanks!
better find out exactly how high you can mount that projector. To achieve a 4m vertical screen with a most projectors is going to take a throw distance of well over 20'. check out projector central and start plugging in models you can afford. The other worry with this long throw distance is having any light left by the time you hit your "screen" You're gonna need as much light output as you can afford to have any resolution even with lowered ambient light levels.
Sounds like you want a gobo projector, but they are not exactly versatile. It basically projects light through a decorated filter...typically showing a logo.

Originally Posted by thestoneman  /t/1517099/help-with-projecting-images-on-ground/0_40#post_24345443

Sounds like you want a gobo projector, but they are not exactly versatile. It basically projects light through a decorated filter...typically showing a logo.
No it doesn't. Did you check the link in the first post?

Right, the interactive bit (of the link I provided) I can develop myself. I just need something with high enough intensity to show reasonable details on the ground with. Ceiling height is not a limiting factor at this point.


Thanks for all the help so far everyone!
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