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Okay so I'm looking to buy my first home theater setup, My budget is not great, probably 1,000 aud Max...

However, my requirement is to project onto a 120 inch fixed frame screen, from between 4.3-4.5 metres, meaning i have about 20cm or so of play to suit different setups.. I have been looking at all different sorts of projectors but each one seems to have a flaw.. All one's I will list will be under 1,000.

Room is completely light controlled and is like it is pitch black even in broad daylight.

It will be using for gaming and movies, no minimal input lag is essential. 3D not a necessity

Benq w1100 (I have heard it has washed out blacks, juddering in movies) Input lag not as bad as w1200

Benq w1070 (Perfect in every way... except the fact it wont throw a 120 inch picture for me at 4.3 Metres )

Optoma HD20 (Minimal input lag, good reviews all round, but again sort of washed out blacks?)

Optoma HD2200 ( Can't find much information on it )

I was thinking the HD20 would be more than adequate but if I could get the w1070 to work that would be perfect. Anyone know if its possible ?
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