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I'm looking to pick up some small-ish rear/surround speakers to round out my 5.1 setup.


My current setup is:

  • Mains: Infinity "Entra Two" floor standing speakers
  • Center: Infinity "Entra" Center
  • Sub: Yamaha YST-SW215
  • Receiver: an old Sony STR-DE845 (hopefully replacing in next few months)
  • Room system is in: 15' deep x 25' wide (approx)


I'm on a budget unfortunately (would 'like' to spend around $100-$150/total), so I'm limited/been checking out some older models on eBay.


So far, from what I've seen/found, I've been leaning towards these:

  • Polk TL1 Satellite Speakers
  • Cambridge Audio Minx Mini 10 Speakers
  • Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS Satellite Speakers


I've found them either on eBay or Amazon for fairly cheap ($50-$60+/speaker).

  1. Anyone have these / listen to them before?
  2. Are either of these worthy, given my current setup and room size?
  3. Are mounting options limited with Mini 10s (i.e. do they come with keyhole mount, or do you have to buy mounts?)


I'm not looking to blow the doors off my house, and don't plan on using them for music persay...mainly just something that will add some surround sound when watching movies. I plan on mounting these on speaker stands (Sanus HTB3).


Any information or other worthy suggestions would be appreciated...


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