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I am going to buy a receiver which only has 1 output and 2 inputs, the thing is that i have a switch but would like to know these please:

I am planning on connecting all my devices to the switch, then connect 1 hdmi output from the switch to the receiver and the other to the projector, then the receiver output to the tv

My question is if there will be any issues with audio sync or anything when viewing with the projector?, the HDMI switch outputs both at the same time.

Currently i have a receiver which works with analog and not HDMI.


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So we have a better understanding of what you are trying to do(and why)...what are your sources? Of course we already know of the TV and projector.

There are twin HDMI out receivers where you won't need the switch.

An exceptionally good deal and would leave you NOT needing an HDMI switch is the Yamaha RX-V867 from last year(better hurry)...

How much are you wanting to spend on a receiver anyway?

Even if you want "the latest", the Onkyo TX NR709 also has 2 HDMI out(lowest priced "this years" receiver)
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