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Help with recommendations?

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First post so here goes...

I've trawled a few threads and searches but I seem to be going around in circles...i'm trying to find a wireless media server...basically i want a box with a hard drive so i can sling stuff to it and play it later at will on the telly.

My requirements are

Small & pretty (preferably)

Quiet (must be)

Wireless (must be)

Scart output (i'm in the UK and would prefer RGB if possible)

USB (would be nice)

Digital audio output (almost a must have)

Hard drive (80gb/+ really)

Playback : MP3 (must)

Divx (really a must) + Xvid (nice)

Dvd rips - MPEG 2 with full 5.1 DD2 and/or DTS. I dont want to play dvd's just some rips and videos i'm making etc.

Mpeg4. (must)

JPEG. (must)

Video must be capable of playing at full PAL res and framerate, as well as NTSC and at a bit rate equal or better to a 4.5gb dvd rip.

HD with HDMI connections (nice but not critical)

Play back will be on a Sony 32" CRT 16:9

Price roof £400

DVD playing/recording/PVR etc not important as i have those bases covered.

Kiss 608 seems to fit the bill except i cant actually find anywhere thats even showing the thing as alive and i'm also not clear that it will play Mpeg2 from the hard drive. Philips streamiums seem to also be in the right direction except that there seems to be a bitstream limit.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.
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thanks for the list

looks like the TVix could fit the bill...no wireless though. Need to do some more research.

Is it so hard for tech designers to release something that at least covers all the bases for once?
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