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Help with room ideas

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I am thinking of changing some things in my HT room and looking for thoughts/opinions.

These are some of my ideas:

1) Paint screen wall flat black.

2) Either paint the ceiling tiles black or buy black ones if I can find some for a good price.

3) Put a inwall audio rack in the front left wall. Not sure how big. This would then lead to some type of center channel stand.

4) Paint the room area a different color that would match the current carpet color which is a blue that has some red/brown and other small colors in it.

5) Do I put up a chair rail and make the room two tone color. If so what colors and do I do the chair rail on the screen wall as well or just leave that.

6) If I don't do #5 and do 1 - 4 do I leave the current wood trip or paint that a white or black?

Some pictures....
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I vote for 1 and 2 definately. Probably 4 once you see how 1 and 2 look.
I would also say yes to 1 & 2. Paint it black. I painted my ceiling black and plan on using black fabric on the front wall and it makes a big difference in the toned down lighting. 3 would probably be ok, it is what I did with mine since I had access to the back of the rack in the storage room behind the front wall. I made mine about 22" wide. Pics are on my www link above.

I think the two tone paint is a good idea with chair rail. I recommend you don't put chair rail on the screen wall. Again, check out my site for pictures of this type of design. As for colors, I think darker is better (but doesn't need to be VERY dark).

Vert nice theater! Love the dragon head and double doors.

It looks like you opted to do fabric w/ Linacoustic on the lower wall but no fabric w/ poly batt on the upper area. What is the drawback of not treating the upper area (for diffusion I believe) and how does your theater perform soundwise?

My 12' wide projection screen wall is painted flat black, as are the 8' wide side walls adjacent to the projection wall (see my gallery).

I'd highly recommend doing the flat black paint on the projection screen wall. I love how it makes the projected image really "pop" from the screen.

One thing to be careful of: after it's painted and dry, don't touch it! I bought high-quality Sherwin Williams paint, and even it is very unforgiving... if anything rubs up against it, it leaves a mark. I painted the walls and then hung my projection screen and then the curtains, and then installed a small "stage" on the floor beneath the projection screen. I've got marks all over the walls from these items, and the only real way to correct them is to repaint (don't try taking a wet sponge to flat black paint).

I'd also recommend making the ceiling black. It will reduce the amount of light going from the projector, off the screen, off the ceiling, and into your eyes. Use a flat black. This should make your screen "pop" even more.

My personal opinion would be to stick with the equipment rack you currently have, and continue to use it for a center channel speaker stand. I like the balance you have with the front wall right now (nice signs).

I really don't like the idea of the chair rail. Again, just my opinion.

For wall color, I don't know what to tell ya... not an area of strength for me!

Finally, I think you should leave the stained wood trim as-is, and cover your post with Pole-Wrap ( www.polewrap.com ). You can stain it to match your existing trim. Or, you could paint the trim white and paint the pole-wrap white (in my neck of the woods, everyone's trim is white).

Good luck!
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Thanks for all of the ideas so far. Keep them coming.
1 and 2 for sure. But buy the tiles. It will make a world of difference. I tried a whole lot of things on my white tiles before I bit the bullet and bought them. And they just look so much better. You can easily paint the metal supports with a roller and some flat black Rustoleum. As far as the wall paint I used Ralph Lauren Paint (Home Depot) in a River Rock finish which gives it a little texture and is a flat finish and even in the black won't show any fingerprints or anything. Plenty of color choices.
Isn't the Ralph lauren paint more expensive than say Behr etc?

Just curious......

I need to Price out some locations on black tiles. Found a few places

but the prices vary.
Yeah it was more expensive. I'd say about 6 dollars more a gallon. But the textured finish of the paint was most definitely worth it. I've never seen anything like it and it is very classy looking. And when it is creating the effect you want and when you think about how much you are spending on the whole project 20 or even 30 dollars more is not a big deal.
for those who mentioned black ceiling tiles i ordered mine thru home depot. they were also available thru lowes. they are armstrong 2 by4 ft acoustic and the name is cotega
Black tiles are not cheap thru HD..I am still looking elsewhere.

I have the parts I need for the Inwall rack just have not finalized where I want it. Wife didn't like the area where the clock is.


Going to look at color schemes today after I looked thru the forum today I got some ideas.

Still not sure on leaving the walls blue?

I also want to paint the rest of the room as well.
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I got my black ceiling tile from www.USG.com. They are the ones that supply HD and Lowes. If you contact them and find your local distributer, you can get a better deal than going through the home improvement stores, and get any color you want!!

I noticed you had those exterior double doors.

Very nice. The picture looks like the threshold is bare aluminum. Is it?

I had bare aluminum as my threshold and I had my painter tape it off, prep it and paint it with Bed liner in a can from Walmart. It puts a thick black coating on it. It is very slightly textured and looks thick. Not just a layer of paint. Made it look very good and finished. My room has lots of black though.

Just a thought for some wondering what to do wtih that aluminum threshold.. I love the way mine turned out and it has been VERY durable so far. Not a scuff in it.

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Thanks for the tip, I was just wondering what to do with the aluminum threshold. It looks cruddy now, paint drips, etc.


Acoustically, the room sounds great, just got the reciever in last week. As for drawbacks on not treating the upper area with poly/fabric, there really isn't much. Acoustically I don't think the poly batting doesn't do anything. The only hard part was figuring out how to finish the molding around the doors and the top edge of the bottom area where the linacoustic goes. In both cases I just used the finished edge of my 'furring' strips which is actually MDF, painted and it worked out great!
Buy the tiles. I spent several days and a good bit of money trying to paint white tiles before I gave up and bought them. I tried spraying, rolling, brushing, etc. and you can't get rid of the white in the holes. Every time you think you're done, if you look at it from a different direction you still see white (6 coats + spraying). I ordered them from Lowes. As I remember, they were quite a bit cheaper than HD. Also, do a good job painting the grid while the tiles are out. It's almost impossible to touch it up after the tiles are in, and if you get it on the tiles it's almost impossible to match the tile color for touchup.
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