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Help With Seating?

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Hey guys, Looking for some help with picking out a chair for my home theater. I go online and see a lot of places sell them by the rows, I just need one. I know on here a lot of people go with berkline, where can I sit in one and give it the butt test? Just for an idea on what i'm looking for, I want a recliner but I want it to be able to be locked upright if you know what I mean. Also Id like it to have the option of a side table like the starline chairs.

Thanks for any help
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Well, the Berks work fine as standalone chairs. Depending on the model you choose, you can get them with tray tables and storage in the arms. Palliser's are similar. You just get the two arm model and it is a standalone chair.

Not easy to advise on locations, since you didn't say where you live. Try higher end furniture stores, and also whomever is the volume furniture dealer in your area (not discount) They generally have a HT section, and there are a lot of Berklines still in the stores.

Also watch Carigslist. They show up all the time, and the depreciation means you can buy three and put 2 in storage for future expansion.

What you say about locking, leads me to believe you would want to look at power seats. They are infinitely adjustable and lock in every position. A must have feature for me.
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Thanks, I'm in Philadelphia. I gotta find a furniture store. Up till now almost everything I have has come from ikea.
If you are in Philadelphia, you may want to consider driving up to our warehouse in NJ. We have quite a few chairs on the floor...
If you can purchase at a local dealer or drive to Roman's, that's your best option. Most online dealers would rather not sell a single seat because the freight rates are so high. Any online dealer would be happy to sell you a single seat if you pay for the freight.
If you are in range of Roman's, I highly recommend him. Worth the drive as he knows his stock, and has done a great job at steering members to chairs based on room sizes, and height and weight of the users.
Thanks guys, I'm gonna go check it out on my day off I think.
Originally Posted by Fahrenheit85
Thanks guys, I'm gonna go check it out on my day off I think.
+1 for Roman. We purchased 8 seats from him and love them.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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