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Help with Citypulse DAC


I posted this help request several days ago in the 2 channel audio forum and have not resceived any replies.I'm hoping someone who can help will see it here.

I have recently aquired both the Citypulse DA 2.03e and the 7.2x DACS.The 2.03e is for a small office system and will serve as a DAC for both my Denon CD changer and my computer via USB.The 7.2x (with clock upgrade) will allow my main 2 channel system to run entirely in a balanced configuration.I will not be using the preamp function in either system,but may use the headphone amp in my office.

The user manuals are very difficult to understand.Does anyone know when the DACs are upsampling and when they are not.I was advised to leave the 2.03e in the Fs Auto mode.Are there any times when it would be preferable to employ the 88.2 KHz or the 96.0 KHZ modes? It sounds very nice in auto but I did get static in the left speaker when playing a CD in the 88.2 KHZ mode.

The 7.2x seems to give only two options.The 2xFs mode (88.2 ???) can be engaged or left off.Is the DAC upsampling when the 2xFs mode is not in use? It seems to sound good both ways.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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