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Help With Setup Details

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We are about to have tile put down in our basement and plan to add a media area, pool table, and bar. I already have a nice stand to use and plan on getting the Panasonic TH-42PX77U, Onkyo TX-SR604, PS3 for gaming and DVD's, and Comcast HD DVR box. I already have Onkyo speakers that came with an older receiver as a set and I just plan to use those for now. I was wondering what everyone thinks of this setup and if you can offer any recommendations, or improvements. I also need some help on details such as surge protector or power filter and stuff like that if anyone cares to help me out with that. I'm not trying to spend a fortune and aam definately consdering some used equipment int eh for sale area.

If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,

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Your equipment sounds like it works for you (at the moment anyways till you get the urge to upgrade). I always think if it works for you and your happy with it leave it alone - people will always try to sell you something but if you don't need it spend your $ elsewhere. My suggestion is rather then putting the money into equipment put it into the room itself
Look at some sound treatments and things of that nature I think you'll see a much better improvement for you $$ then adding equipment. Regarding power filters and such unless you have power issues I don't think they are a requirement. Any basic UPS or powerbar from APC or Belkin will likely be all you need.

Put up a couple of pics when you get a chance and a few more people will likely give your their thoughts (tougher with out images of the room etc..)

Good luck.

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