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I am ready to give up - need help with setup

Just added the Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K receiver

Samsung PN58a550

Playstation 3 elite

Xbox 360

Comcast DVR HD - motorola DCT6416III

Klipsch VF-35

Polk Audio CS10

Klipsch sub12

After I run MCACC setup for the tV, do you have to run it again for the PS3 and Xbox and if so HOW?

I now have the black bars on 16:9 - before I added the receiver it was 16:9 without the bars. I do not want the wide fit because of the stretched image. This was not an issue until I added the pioneer receiver.

If you have any audio setup combinations that work well with front speakers only please share with me!

I also have a Harmony 670 remote I would like to program - do you think all these components will work. I am spending way too much time changing settings from one activity (ie ps3 to watching movie)

Any help or advice would be great. I had a Yamaha sound bar before and there is alot more to tweak now. There is about a 3 week wait for a professional audio guy to come over and tweak it.... I am hoping you can help me get it there sooner!

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No, you do not need to run MCACC for each input.

Yes, all of those devices should be in the Harmony database. FYI, the harmony will not control the PS3 as it uses RF not IR.

As far as the black bars, the receiver should not affect it this. There aren't any settings that would stretch the image or add bars, as far as I know.
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