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Hi, I just bought a sharp 32d62u to use as a monitor because it supports resolutions of 1920x1080. However it will not go to that resolution using my ATI X800 video card. The desktop resolution will only go to 1360x768 and will not go any higher than that.

I put my old nvidia geforce 6600 into the same system and the TV would display the 1920x1080 resolution perfectly in games and on the desktop.

I also hooked up the ATI X800 to a regular monitor and it would display 1600x1200, but no luck on the sharp.

I am using the latest catalyst drivers (I also tried omega drivers) and I am using dot by dot view mode. How can I get my ATI X800 to display 1920x1080

Please help me its driving me absolutely bananas.

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This post from the 37" thread may be useful for you http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...C#post12269124

Originally Posted by jdowdle /forum/post/10297498

I just finished trying mine on my pc. It works at 1080p, 30hz for my ATI 9800 card.

It works OK. Thats the short story, the long story is longer than I have right now....the best picture on the pc was at 1360x768 at 75Hz.

I suspect this is a function of video card as well as tv, and I dont know which one is limiting. I suspect with a newer video card, may be better 1920x1080.

But it is interesting that on manual hdmi, only 1366 and a lower res are provided for selection. On this setting, manual, 1920 comes in blurry. On auto, it recognizes 1080, and looks ok, if maybe a little sharp. I played with the adj some.....not perfect....maybe video card? or tv videp processing?

I campare with my old sharp, which is a 37g4u....been running it at 1280x768.

Anyway, I recommend you put a matress on the wall, weino....the manual is very eco-friendly......it did not kill many trees. doesnt even talk about the tuner.

Be sure to get component....rgb.....cables for you box. that is the fallback, and what i use all the time.

You may want to ask for a stb which has hdmi, and get a hdmi cable, which you may be able to get both cables from your cable company by asking.

DVI to HDMI works on my pc, but not on my cable box. That quit working on the cable box while I was on vacation a few months ago, on my old set. I suspected at the time, the cable company had done a s/w update over the cable. It does not work on the new set either, with a different cable box of same model......

So I just use the component inputs, they work great.

I may go get an hdmi capable box if they have it. I think my box is now old, it is about 3 yr old.

Hope that advise saves you some trouble, especially the matress.

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