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Help with small room size layout, please.

So, I would like to add a 32” LED TV to the room. I don’t want to wall mount it … I have a small stand that I will move components down to accommodate the TV.

Pics show current layout. I have the component stand and speakers on the long wall, and the chair across in the corner. I really would like to have a 3.1 system, so I will be adding a center channel, unless the consensus is to stay 2 channel.

The room size is: The size is 12’ Length x 8’ width.

My current gear that I have:

Panasonic SAXR57 Digital A/V Receiver (sounds amazing in 2 ch. too)

Apple TV & Airport Express

A 32” LED TV of some sort

Paradigm Mini-Monitor V.6 Bookshelf speakers

Klipsch SW-110 Subwoofer

Please see pics, and additional advice is appreciated.

Option 1 (and current setup):

Option 2 (could re-arrange):

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