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I recently purchased the Sony Bravia KDL46EX701 from Costco. My first impression when I installed it is that the colors don't seem as vivid as my other HDTV's were.

I tried the recommended settings for the KDL46XBR2, but the KDL46EX701 doesn't seem to have all of the same option settings.


For those of you who have one, what settings have you used that have worked well for you?

This is for mostly watching live TV and no games.

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I'm no expert, or particularly discerning by any means.

but this is what I have for now....

picture mode standard

backlight max

picture max

brightness 45

color 59

hue 0

color temp warm 1

sharpness 17

noise reduction high

mpeg noise reduc off

black corrector off

adv contrast off

gamma 0

everything else off

white balance factory settings
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