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So I was given a sony KDL-40V2500 by a friend because he said it stopped working and he just bought a new one. So upon plugging it in, I find that the audio works fine, but no matter what input you are on the screen just displays a blank white image, sometimes with color where menus and such would be displayed. Its not snow, just blank white, lines on occasion. I get no picture whatsoever.

The TV is out of warranty, ive tried sony tech support to no avial..

So in researching on the forums ive found that it could be a board failure. Ive found places online to buy the replacement boards, my issue is how do I determine what board has failed before I go about buying a board I wont need?

Any help you guys can offer me would be great!!

Sony KDL-40V2500

Serial # 8041372
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