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Help with Sony SSF7000 Speakers

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Hi everyone I am really leaning on buyin the Sony SSF7000, I would like to know if someone can provide links on reviews of the SSF7000 speakers. If someone has them please let me know of the quality of sound and etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. I can't find any reviews on these speakers please help
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You won't find a pro review on such a cheap loudspeaker. I see Vanns has them for $230/ pr shipped

My brother had a pair of cheap Sony floorstanding speakers that sounded well........cheap. Kinda like watching a B&W tv after owning a color tv. Yes kids we actually had and watched B&W tv's. We listened to music on them not HT.

For $230 you cannot expect much in the way of imaging or depth of field or subtle articulation for music listening, however they may make a decent HT front speaker (I'm not as picky about HT as I am about music). I'm not sure that I would build a full blown multi speaker HT system around them. I would look at them as an interim solution.

Customer reviews here.

I'm not a Sony basher, I have a Sony ES reciever and DVD players and in the past I had a pair of American built Sony floorstanding speakers that were of high build quality and great sounding. Real walnut verniered cabinets, cast aluminum woofer baskets, Titanium dome tweeters, etc.
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For the price these are outstanding. Like sterankoamn said perfect for a HT set up....which mine are. Music I think sounds very good....not awesome though.....you can find better floor standing loudspeakers, but you'll pay much more! You can't go wrong with these all around though!
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