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Help with Sony STR-V555ES inputs/use

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Hi there. I have a Sony STR-V555ES Receiver that I have owned for 3 years...I'm pretty contented with it, but am trying to resolve an issue around which of the inputs to use and how. Right now it's connected as follows:

Input / Device


TV/Sat / Hughes HDTivo in component out component to ED Plasma TV

Video 1 / Sony SVR-2000 Tivo with Sony DirectTV tuner controlled by it via S-video/ out S-Video to TV

Video 2 / Sony 400 CD Jukebox via composite/ out composite to TV

Video 3 / Nothing since it's on front panel

LD/DVD / Panasonic DVR- DMR-E100H in component/ out component to TV

MD/DAT / iPod occasionally

Tape / Sony Cassette Tape Deck

The issue I have is that while everything functions fine, I want to be able to record 480i output from the HDTivo to the Panny DVR. I get the audio there, but no signal on video. There is no component in on that unit, so I'm thinking I switch the Sony Tivo to TV/Sat on S-Video and put the HDTivo on Video 1 which I think will allow me to use the Video2 out into the Panny DVR. Does that sound like a solution? The TV/Sat on the V555ES has no 'output', just input...thoughts?

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