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Looked through prior threads and google but did not find an answer, at least not one I am comfortable with enough to start running speaker cable, etc. Awaiting delivery on a new 7.1 receiver and thus need to add two new speakers. Would like to get them wired and mounted prior to it arriving.

Our home theater is a bit odd in shape and placement of stuff. I drew a floor plan (not to scale) which I have inserted below.

The room is 17 ft (from the back wall to the projection screen) x 14 ft (width of the wall the screen is on).

Due to the limited distance to the screen from the back wall we have the couch placed about 6 inches from the back wall.

In the drawing I have put circles, colored in blue, which represent the current speakers. The screen is colored in red, the sub is green and the couch is grey. I cannot move the existing speakers as they are in wall (I know, I know, this was a concession to meet the WAF).

From looking at other sites they recommend the other two speakers (Mirage Nanosat's) it would seem that putting them where the grey X's are would be best. They will be mounted on the ceiling, again, constraint of the design of the room.

Agree? Disagree? Suggestions?

Listen to ZERO music, mostly DirecTV, Blu-Ray and HD DVD's and XBox games.

Also, originally set up as 6.1 and thus there is a rear center channel (not shown in the image below). Should I leave it disconnected or ???

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