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Attached is the layout of my room...unfortunately it isn't the best layout so i was hoping someone on here can help with the best positioning of my speakers...

currently i'm considering the onkyo 7100 set up as a 5.1 system with the other 2 speakers either for a diff zone or may get outdoor speakers for the diff zone...

as you can see in the attachment...there is not too much room in the corner where the tv is...the tv is mounted on the corner entertainment center...so i was going to put the fronts and center on the top shelf...will that be far enough apart for the fronts? if not any other suggestions?

now the rears is where i'm confused...i'm assuming my best bet is the corner of the wall with the sliding glass door and the one sofa...

but where would be the best spot for the other rear? would it be on the wall behind the other couch (which would place it about 1/2 way over the couch)...other thought was the opposite corner of the 1st rear....which would be the corner of the fireplace wall and the wall where the kitchen opening is...or is that too far apart?

any other thoughts would be great....just moved into this house recently and i want to get started wiring my rears...

thanks for any help you can provide...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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