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So I have been doing some research and can't seem to come to a conclusion. Any input is appreciated. I was previously running a 6.1 setup (latest codecs a few years ago when I finished my basement). I just purchased a set of dipole surrounds and now I have a few different options. Here's my specs:

The room is roughly 18x12. I have a Jamo A330 setup consisting of 4 sats with a larger Jamo E center. I just purchased a set of Jamo C400 dipole surrounds to complete the 7.1 setup. I drive them with a Denon 1910 which does matrix to 7.1. When the room was finished off, I ran wiring for a front L/R/C and a rear L/R/C on the opposite wall. I have seen several placement diagrams and some show the surround speakers to the side, and some behind the listening position. I have a drop ceiling so running new wiring isn't a big deal. My questions are:

1. Do I go with 7.1 or Dolby IIz with height. I have read the cnet article. Sound&Vision kinda liked Dolby IIz. Anyone actually tried out Dolby IIz? Any opinions?

2. Which positions do I give to the sats (surr or back) and dipoles (surr or back)?

3. If I move the sats to the front for dolby z, do I leave the dipoles behind the listening position or move them to the sides.

4. Is my room too small to run 7.1? Will the discrete channels start to run together?

I'm trying to get some input so I'm not mounting and unmounting speakers all over my walls. If this were your setup, what would be your preferred placement?
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