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It's time to replace my 5 year old sub (infinity PS-12) and I'm hoping to get something that sounds / feels much stronger. I was originally looking at the HSU VTF-15H but the footprint is too large for my area so I am now looking at either the epik empire or HSU VTF-3 MK4. Obviously both are different in cost, enclosure type, etc. but they are the same size and will fit the area.

My viewing area is in a upstairs great room (combined with kitchen) so the actual viewing area is ~ 15' x 17' but the room is ~15' x 35' with lots of openings and vaulted ceilings. Hoping to get something that will provide impact bass that can be 'felt'. I'm also open to other suggestions for make / model but looking at max of ~$1000.

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