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Help with Subwoofer kit with 2 subs

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I want to connect wirelessly 2 subs to my receiver which has 1 LFE out only. The subs and receiver are in adjacent rooms. I was thinking of getting a SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter.
The nice support at SVS told me the following will work, which I don't doubt:

Connect 1 wireless transmitter to the AV receiver and a wireless receiver to each subs. I will have to buy 2 times the kit since that's the only way i can get 2 wireless receivers.

I would like to know if the following options will work with 1 single SVS Wireless Audio Adapter, so I don't need to buy 2X SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter :

1. Wireless transmitter to AV receiver and then Y-cable splitter at the wireless receiver end to wire the 2 subs.

2. Wireless transmitter to AV receiver and then connect 1 sub to the wireless receiver and daisy chain the 2nd sub to the 1st sub through the sub RCA outputs

Among these 3 choices which one is the best?
I don't mind spending the money to get the best output, but if i can save some money without sacrificing quality, i would be most happy to do so.
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Since you didn't tell us which subs or AVR you are running, I have some questions;

Are the subs placed equidistant to the MLP (Main Listening Position)? If yes, then option 1 will work just fine. If your subs have the ability to be daisy-chained, then option 2 would work as well.

Does your AVR have the ability to set separate distances and levels for dual subs? If yes, and the subs are NOT equidistant to the MLP, then neither option will work and you will need two wireless transmitters and two receivers.

You said "3" choices...??
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You said "3" choices...??
Two transmitter/receiver pairs, a Y adapter, or a daisy chain.

The two pairs idea isn't numbered.
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If the two subwoofers are relatively close to each other - your best option is to just split the output of the wireless receiver and run a cable to each subwoofer.

Not sure what subwoofers you are running, but sometime daisy-chaining results in the line level output from the 1st subwoofer being high-passed, So I would just use a splitter per the above.
Thanks for the replies.

I have a denon avrx1000, and the dual subs will be SVS PB-3000. They will be placed at front 2 corners since I dont have much space elsewhere.
In the end, the dealer gave me a good deal for two SVS wireless transmitters and two receivers, much lower than MSRP. I'm waiting for to receive subs and transmitters next week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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