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HELP with subwoofer placement and hookup

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Hey everyone.
I will include pics of my room for reference. It’s a good size room 17x22. I just built two mini Marty subs with ultimax 18”. They rock! I am coming from two BIC America f12 subs. 12” front firing with rear port. I was going to sell these but no one has offered me money to buy them so I am tossing the idea out to keep them and add to the system.

I have a Denon 4500h and a nx6000d amp for the Marty subs. I have one sub out going to one channel and the second out splitting and going to the other channel on the nx. Then split going to a Dayton amp running 4 aura shakers in the couch I have them crossed at 40hz.

I am wondering what would be best to do with these two BIC f12 if I am to use them. I have a power strip under the couch and can get the rca there so I thought maybe to theback of the couch. Or on the side walls to the sides of the couch.

How would I go about connecting all this to best use Audyssey? I know the basics of connections. Do I want to use one sub out to run both Marty subs and one sub out to run the f12’s and the shakers? Any tips would be great. I do also want to get a umik1 and use rew but I am waiting to build acoustic panels before I get gung-ho on that. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!!


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I also have a line out on the shaker amp I could use to connect the other two subs
I have been playing with these subs both in front of the couch on the side walls pointing in and also behind the couch with the back port pointing the couch to also keep my kids off the knobs on the amp. Seems with them in the front there is more spl but in the back it does add some cool tactile feel to the couch that the shakers don’t add. It needs to be tuned and stuff. But what I am thinking is doing sub out 1 to my nx6000d to run the Marty’s. Then sub out 2 will split and run the shakers and then also to the f12 subs behind the couch. Then I can do Audyssey and it can set the two sets of subs independent and get distances right. Can anyone give me any tips on what I should do? I am just learning and want to get it setup the best I can. Thanks.
Using mismatched subs typically ends up with the lesser ones dragging down overall performance. Here’s a case study, complete with frequency response graphs.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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