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Help with suggestions on new TV

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Hi All,

Regular visitor but infrequent poster here....hope you don't mind my bothering you all. I am in the market to upgrade my 7 year old Olevia 42" LCD TV. The living room is about 21 feet by 12 feet and the TV is now mounted above my fireplace on the wall that is 21 feet long. So, viewing is anywhere from 8 to 12 feet away.

I have some room to get a larger TV and all we use it for is strictly for viewing movies, TV, etc. ie. no video games. So, HDMI ports i can see needing would be no more than say 2 i guess.

I would like to keep this in the $1,000.00 range and am looking for suggested models to consider and those to definitely stay away from. HD obviously is a must.

Your help is much appreciated.....Thank you.
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I'm reposting this:

Vizio is your best bet
Originally Posted by wtfer  /t/1516927/tv-was-stolen-need-advice-on-a-replacement#post_24335536

People are excited about Vizio's new line, they are going to be both affordable & high quality.


All are full array local dimming, which will automatically be better than your Samsung edge lit TV you had.

E series has 16 dimming zones.

M series has 32 dimming zones.

P series has 64 dimming zones.

The E series is out now & the M & P will be released shortly.

The Olevia was a pretty low quality off brand model.

It might have been a TN panel, which would mean only 800:1 contrast.

Literally the lowest you can possibly get. Any new TV would be astronomically better.
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Thanks for the reply. I will look into the Vizio brand.
Vizio-Best bang for the buck.On my third-good tv.
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