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I have been reading reviews and product specs for weeks. All I do is get more confused. Here are my wants.

Compact size

Full HD

Good still photo's

Long battery life


View Finder?

This camera would be used at work and home. At work it would be used for still photo's and videos of manufacturing processes and at home a general camera for vacations and general use.

I was leaning toward a few of the action cameras like the Drift Ghost or the Go Pro Hero 3 because of the size. I know the Go Pro has no zoom or view finder and in reading reviews I see a lot of talk about the camera freezing and having software issues. The Ghost seems to have more of the features I am interested in. I am not convinced a POV action camera is right for me. Maybe a compact more full featured camera would be best.

Like I said I did a lot of reading but still confused.

Maybe you all can help.

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