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This is sort of a DIY fix question, hopefully this is the right place to post it.

Basically one channel of my receiver developed a very noticeable hiss. My troubleshooting puts it in the preamp stage.

I've actually built small, simple amps in my day, but never worked on anything like a modern receiver. Since my troubleshooting put the problem in the preamp, I don't think that would involve any of the more complex electronics like the DAC and whatnot. So in theory, if it's just a problem with a burnt capacitor or opamp I might be able to fix it myself.

I already used this issue as an excuse to upgrade, and my warranty is long expired, so I'm willing to risk messing it up


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On what receiver you have depends to Me I do not think you can fix it your self, They are to complex. I would not take the risk, But if it out of warranty all you can do is try But if you try you will most likely make it worse.
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