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Can anyone help me to understand what I can do to get a "registration code" for the URC website to use with my aeros remote control? I purchased my remote July 2006 and want to make a change to some of the configuration that I made forever ago, but I need the tutorial because I'm forgetting the steps... Normally, the software would download the tutorial off the website under the help menu, but I now need a registration code to download it and or update the software. I called the Magnolia + Best Buy where I purchased the remote from and they said the registration code is inside the box. I explained to them that I purchased this nearly a year ago and I'm looking inside the box now (again) and there's no registration code inside it. It could have possibly fallen out or I threw it away not knowing what it was... I didn't need a registration code then, so I guess there wouldn't be a need for one in the future. Does anyone know what I can do or been in this situation to provide advice? God forbid I sell the remote to a friend and not have the registration code for that person to download the software -- what a horrible idea to require a registration code to download software.


Thanks for your help!

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