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I've just started playing around with HTPC and was using an old AMD 350MHz pc. The Video card is an ATI Xpert98 with 8mb, using ATI Player 5 and WinDVD 2000.

So far, I've connected the pc to my Mits 55" HDTV and is able view 480p dvd movies with smooth motion(thx to the guide that shows you how to increase the dvd cache in registry).

I've install the latest pstrip and was trying the different custom res, but could not get it to run at 540p.

I've searched all over trying to find custom settings info. on the Rage Pro card. The only thing that I've came across is that it wouldnt do custom res. Could someone enlighten me on this. I'm using the drivers from ATi with the version below:

Driver version 4.13.2655

Filename: WME-J5-30-1-B02.EXE

File Size: 10.50MB

Posted: 04/02/2002

On the other had, I also have a Matrox G400. Would this be the better choice?

I am currently only trying out HTPC, so I'm not looking to spend much $$$ for this experiment.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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