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I had media sharing working ever since I got my PS3 about 4 months ago. But over the weekend I downloaded TVersity and ended up deleting it because I really didn't get the benefit of it.

Anyway ever since then I can not get windows media player to share. Every time I even open wmp11 I get a message that says something along the line of "media sharing is off because of a firewall or network setting".

I go through and click on sharing again but nothing changes. I tried to review my network and firewall settings but really don't know what it is supposed to be set for. All I know is that my network sharing says custom instead of just on and my PS3 does not show up as a device on the network.

Is there a way to just reset to the default setting under network and sharing center.

Also not sure if this makes a difference but I accidentely uninstalled a codec called ffdshow when I was uninstalling TVersity. Don't know if that affected anything.

Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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