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Help with XR-10X connection

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My setup is

GateWay HTPC with Pentium D 2.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, onboard graphics,

WinTV-PVR-150 MCE and ATI HDTV Wonder

Comcast cable box (not HD).

This HTPC has a PEI-Express slot open

I am connecting this setup to a PJ via VGA cable.

I have recently upgraded from InFocus X1 to Sharp XR-10X. After this HDTV looks good.

DVD and SD TV both from Comcast cable fed through a S-Video and TV from WinTV-PVR-150 MCE via VGA looks very bad.

I am hopeful some one in this forum can suggest a Video card for my HTPC with can do de-interlacing on par with DCDI in X1. Will it make any difference buying a up converting DVD player like OPPO for DVD.

Thanks in advance.
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My suggestions....

1) Get a Digital Cable box that has component inputs from your cable company.... You may need to buy the HD pack as well from your cable company to get it.... Yes... It may be time to bite the bullet and upgrade your cable package... Either that or keep using the Infocus X1 which gave a little better than ok picture for analog channels....

2) Put up a smaller picture for analog inputs... such as letter box a 4:3 image within a wide-screen image...

Personally, I have never tried any analog inputs since I only use Digital Cable and Component Inputs through progressive mode usually 1080i or 720p.... So, I can't help you much more than that... I feel my "analog" channels on the Digital Cable box look "ok" in the letterbox screen.... The Digital Cable channels look much better and the HD channels and the Movie channels look "awesome"!
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That projector doesn't have the deinterlacer like the X1 has.

I'm planning on upgrading to that projector next month and will run everything from my HTPC

I'd upgrade the HTPC with a DVD burner, videocard and play DVD's through a software player like Windvd.

You don't need a expensive videocard.

When you get more confident start looking at ffdshow as a post processing app for playing DVD's to take advantage of your XGA resolution.

You can play DVD's and ffdshow with theatertek or zoomplayer.

I'm not sure how you're connecting your SD cable?

I ran my SD cable into my PVR of my PC then to my current projector.

My HTPC does a decent job of scaling a otherwise poor signal for HD.

It could be the onboard video that's giving you PQ fit's.
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I am moving towards getting ride of cable box completely and make everything HTPC based. I am connection SD through S-Video to PJ.

My current DVD player has progressive scan output I will try giving it to PJ and see if it makes any difference. If it makes then I may have to get a HD cable box until I get a good graphics card.

Any idea if ffdshow works with Windows media center edition and if it can help even after you have NVIDIO Pure video decoder for MCE.
Forget the s-video in, the only good connection is the two VGA in's.

Get yourself a component breakout cable and connect the component outs of the DVD player to the breakout cable and use one of the VGA in's of the projector.

For the SD cable plug the s-video cable into the TV capture card and let the PC scale the picture to the projector. Your cablebox will have to be the tuner when you enable the s-video in.

MCE doesn't support ffdshow by the way
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