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I am having problems properly decoding the DTS, DD, DTS-HD, etc... formats in Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 as well as the Yamaha Rx-V667. I have tried everything from configuring the settings from the PowerDVD 10, having the audio be PCM and encoded by the program itself, and have also tried the other setting where I have the audio being decoded by the receiver. I am 100% sure that these files of movie are in fact DTS 5.1 because even the program displays it. Here is a link to what my scenario looks like --->Need help with DTS-HD MA/DDTrueHD output... - [H]ard|Forum. However, the part where it says output, mines says outstream.

I have tried the surround decode, straight as well as the pure direct function from the receiver, but I never get the DTS, DD logos to show up. The only thing that I stumbled upon while pressing the buttons was the Cinema DSP 3. I think the 3 stands for the 3 speakers I have right now. My setup that I have right now is 2 front channel biamped, 1 center and a subwoofer.

My questions:

1. How do I configure the settings in Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 or Yamaha RX-V667 receiver in order to have the DTS, DTS-HD, DD, DD-HD logo to show up in the receiver?

2. How do I configure the settings in the Cyberlink PowerDVD10 to have the output being DTS, etc. instead of outstream?

3. Another thing is that when I first configured my speakers, I didn't know what I was doing. The front channel speakers sounded absolutely great. I don't remember what I did but for some reason I changed the configuration and now the speakers don't sound as good as before. What type of configuration would you recommend? I don't know if it was the setting I chose for the speakers to be SMALL or LARGE that made the difference, but when I change it back to LARGE it didn't sound similar from when I had it configured new. To describe in detail, when I first configured the speakers, the two front channel except the center had the woofers moving. After I did some configurations or something, now the woofer doesn't move at all. Is it the Bass Crossover?

4. Why is it that I have the receiver up half way in volume and it doesn't sound loud at all. I checked iTunes and it is at max volume. It gets louder when I reach -29.1dB. I have know idea how to configure the settings of the receiver.

5. Is there a tutorial or a place that will teach me how to configure all these settings? I looked at the manual as well as some sites but none of the technique I learned has actually made a significant change to the sound quality.

6. When I listen to music in iTunes (mp3s) should what configuration should I have the receiver in? Straight, Pure Direct, DD Music, etc..?

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