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Hi, i use my computer running Windows Ultimate to stream music via SPDIF to my Pioneer SCLX-83. Speaker A to my main room and Speaker B to my outside entertaining area. I also use the HDMI output from my computer to a HDMI splitter that runs to my main room TV and an outside computer monitor. I have recently changed my outside area to Zone 2 rather than Speaker B so i can run two different sound fields at the same time. However, i have noticed since that change, i have no sound coming from Zone 2. When i play my radio or CD player it works fine, but not from my computer. I have read that Zone 2 only outputs Anologue sound, so i am wondering if there is a way to get this to work?

I do frequently watch DTS movies outside so i am really hoping for a fix. Stereo sound is all i need as outside i have a pair of outdoor Bose speakers.

Thank you.

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