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I am new to the Home Audio world. Have been more of a PC person in the past, but have recently started to make the switch. Currently my set up is a 42 in 1080p LCD that is dual monitored with my PC. I watch movies and listen to music this way.

I have some questions that im having a bit of a hard time finding answers to. I have been browsing some old posts and also have been reading on the "Setting Up Your Home Theater 101" sticky thread. Which is a great source of information you guys have put together. Just some is still a bit advanced for me, is so much information to take in all at once.

My budget is not very big, so im looking for something with good bang for the buck. Id like very clear sound, but being too loud could possibly be a problem, as I do have neighbors, and im not wanting to disturb them too much. Though, I can always keep the volume lower =) Id preferably like to keep it below 500 or around it. Also, I might be buying this in pieces and gradually adding more as I go.

Now, what im trying to figure out is the best size for my room. This is actually going to be going in my bedroom, as living room is staying without a TV. i've linked a picture with the dimensions(though these are not exact, ill have to get the exact measurements tonight), it has a very high vaulted ceiling. I believe I will be sticking to a 5.1 system, as I really do not have room/layout in my room for 7.1.

Now, another question is connecting the audio from my sound card on my PC to a receiver, and what type of receivers would support this. I have a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS, which is supposed to support up to 7.1, which I would just be wanting to go with 5.1 anyway. Im unsure on how to do this as of yet, and have yet to come to that in the huge amount of reading you guys have here on your 101 thread.

I am pretty sure this covers most my concerns. I was reading earlier about people similarly in my shoes, and someone suggested Yambeka Audio(added a pic). Which seem very nice and pretty close to my price range, but is it right for my room?

If the Yambeka's are right, what would be a good receiver to go with it? Also, with those speakers, would I also need to buy a sub?

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