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I think I'm in the final stages of choosing my new 5.1 setup. This is mostly TV/Home theater but I listen to a lot of music when I'm not watching TV. 70/30 probably. Been doing lots of research and some auditioning and I'm leaning towards the below setup:

Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH

Paradigm Monitor 9 Floorstanding Fronts

CC-190 Center (Want to do the C-290 but its $200 more and a little physically large for my setup... I could modify but is it really worth another $200 or better put towards a sub?)

Sub is undecided but looking at SVS, HSU, Epik, Velodyne, Paradigm.... so many good choices.

I've attached a pencil sketch of my family room and I'm really struggling to find a surround. At first I was going to go with teh ADP-190 or cinema-ADP and mount them to my back wall on either side of the Sofa. The window being off center of the sofa makes that difficult and that would really make things weird for the love seat. Now I'm thinking of mounting in the back corners on the wall high or ceiling. Size is a concern though, as I have 13 inches from the ceiling to the top of the front door. Any lower from the ceiling and the front door hits it... and I think that puts the Atom monitor out of the running too, as its so deep, a slight tilt would probably make it not fit in the corner....

Any ideas??? I know I could make something like Klipsch Quintets work but can't seem to find anything else.

Thanks so much.

EDIT: Sorry, Room is 24x12 and scale is 1 ft to 1 grid line.
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