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I'm trying to hook up my goggle tv with my new Motorola.dvr. I was using the pace rng110 and everything worked fine but I wanted a dvr so I traded it in for the dch 3416 and now my tv is getting an intermittent signal. It's about a half second of video and or audio signal then a second of black nothingness. I looked on logitechcs website and it says this cable box works. The cable guy is here and he can't figure it out either we adjusted all the settings and checked them, on the tv the revue and the dvr. He hooked up an older dvr, the dvt3416 and the signal showed up fine for a second but then a blue screen with writing showed up saying something about my repeater(that's what its calling my harmon kardon avr) and copyright protection??? Then when we hooked the dch3416 back up it started doing the same thing. On logitechs website it also says the dct model works fine too. The cable guy said that both of these might be too old, or the software or firmware and that the hdmi of the two dvr might be hdmi 1.1, and that why its having that blue screen come on about copyright, because the hdmi is copyrighted. But we hooked both dvr up without the revue, through the avr, and they both worked fine. Does anybody have the dch3416 hooked up with the Google tv or do these symptoms let you know what the problem might be? I need help!!!!
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