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Brand new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I am switching from a HTIB for my "man cave". I've purchased a set of Energy Take Classic 5.1 Speakers and am looking for an AVR to run it. I will be using the aforementioned speakers with my Sony 46" Sony NX810 3d TV, PS3, and Motorola HD/DVR Cable Box. I guess I got bored with the set up because my Sony HTIB is working pretty well.

I've been researching the AVR and speaker selection for about three weeks. I finally settled on the Energy set because of the nice reviews and also the price. The AVR selection is driving me absolutely nuts!!!!! The choices are ENDLESS and there seem to be several units that would work for me. I don't have a specific budget in mind, but am not foolish enough to believe I need a 1000 AVR on my first run with a component set.

My TV does support Audio Return Channel, so although I was leaning towards the Pioneer 1020, their lack of ARC has scared me off. The primary selling point to my wife was that I could clean up the wires going to the TV since I could set up an AVR with only one HDMI cable going to that TV.

I also like the Yamaha 667 and Denon 1911. My selection factors:

1. Since my TV does an excellent job with video processing from my cable box an PS3, I wouldn't think video processing would be of primary concern. I would, however, like to be able to run just ONE cable to my TV!

2. My "man cave" is pretty small at 14x12 and I have a 4' case opening on one wall and a set of double doors on another so I am assuming the 5.1 setup should work fine???

3. Since this is my first run with an AVR, I would prefer something that's fairly easy to set up and not too complicated to run on a daily basis. I am fairly technically savvy, but again it's my first AVR.

4. I don't plan on using the AVR to push speakers in other areas of my home.

5. Good sound is important. (I am about 70-30 movies and TV to music)

6. Ipod/Iphone compatibility is a must.

7. Network ability is not critical since I will use the Ipod as my media device for Internet Radio and my Itunes library of songs.

I would appreciate some advice based upon the above. Forgive me if some of my comments are elementary, but again, this is my first run with an AVR.
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