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I bought a 65x900a 4k TV and a FDR-AX1 4K camera.

The camera records to XQD memory cards (expensive)

I have been shooting for the over 2 months

The memory card has a main folder

When folder is opened on a computer there are more folders

one folder is called clips and it contains files

they start as

C0001 and C0001MO1

C0001 is a MP4 file

C0001M01 file is a small xml file

All the material I shot was copied from the memory cards and stored on 2 3TB drives as duplicates

The emptied memory cards were used to shoot again.

To see if the transferred files were OK on being transferred to the Hard drive I played them with a VLC player from the hard drive and the i7 laptop tried to play them but it could play only at about 2 frames a second before it choked.

I assumed the copied files were OK as they tried to play and I did not do anything else to see if the files transferred to the hard drive were OK

My intention was always to copy back the files from the Hard Drive to the XQD memory card and play the files on the FDR-AX1 to the 65x900 TV at 4K

Tomorrow I am going to see my mother in a different city - she is 83 and wants to see the videos I shot last month when I visited the Old country and the her relatives there

Today I copied the files from the Hard drive to the memory card and tried to play them on the 4K camera.

The Camera does NOT recognize the clips

I formated the XQD card and shot a small clip

The camera recognizes the clip and plays it

If I add a second clip by transferring them from the Hard Drive to the memory card the Camera DOES NOT recognize the added clips though it still shows the clip just shot with the camera.

WHY is the camera NOT recognizing the stored clips

Is it a DRM issue - sony has blocked their own files from being played on their own Cameras ????

I need to transfer the stored clips on the hard drive to the memory card which when placed in the camera can be played back in the camera ( at 1080 resolution on grandmas TV)

This is the HELP i need.

Hopefully one of you very knowledgable people out there on the net will help me solve this problem in the next few hours before i fly.

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