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2 Questions:

What would be the best way to calibrate my HDTV for both tv viewing and DVD viewing?

Should I look at buying a calibration disc that will calibrate the tv and that calibration would be good for viewing DVDs as well or should I still calibrate the DVD player?
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Get a disc to calibrate the player to the TV ...

The TV programs from cable will be closer ...

Allow for variations between channels and programs ... so some fiddling of the brightness and color and tint might still be needed.

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The popular home theater setup DVDs will help you learn what a proper video image is generally supposed to look like. You will have a better understanding of how the various user controls affect an image. Once you get familiar with proper image composition, it will be easier to recognize when a program has been broadcast or delivered with the color level too high or other common non-linearities.

The DVDs will really only allow you to fully optimize the DVD player/TV combination. However, your educated eye can then recognized errors in other signal sources. The tutorials on the discs will explain how to use the various picture controls to make corrections.

Best regards and beautiful pictures,

G. Alan Brown, President

CinemaQuest, Inc.

"Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging"
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