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Well just finished and struggle big time with this slow as snails pace comedy crime caper from Mr Anderson. It's got a decent cast also with Fisher stevens & Vera faminga. Fell asleep couple times from the bleek slow script but it did finished rather good in the last half hour but the abrupt ending might want to make you chuck your remote at the tv.

It's nice to know Keanu who prob made half billion smackers from the Matrix films that he's set for life and can pretty much afford to chose odd small projects like this one and not worry too much about his career. But that's also his downfall, after making that much money it just seems to me like he doesn't have nothing left to prove and his "edge" is pretty much gone.

As with anything that is subjective, I prob wouldn't be surprised if some of you got some entertainment out of this "cable" grade film. It's low budget in every way, I wonder how much of the 10 million budget went to the big names salary. Neo must have worked for free on this one.
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