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I own a NEC HT410 . I have had it since October 2006. Today when I turned it on everything sounded normal, but the picture never came up. The cool down fan came on and the projector shut off with the "status" light blinking. According to the manual it indicates:

"LAMP ERROR "Lamp fails to light. Wait a full minute and then turn on again""

I did this multiple times and got the same result each time. Like a vicious cycle. The lamp is not turning on. Actually I can hear some faint clicking when the projector is powering up that might be the bulb trying to turn on.

I happened to check the usage meter last night and the bulb supposedly has 82% of its life left. So I removed the projector from the ceiling, popped out the bulb and re-installed it. I had no idea what I was looking for, but saw nothing that seemed unusual such as accumulated dust, frayed wires etc...

So I really don't know what to do. I only paid $350 for the projector and the warranty was for a year (expired 10-07). If I can't fix it myself I'm afraid it will have to be replaced. I would rather the keep it as, it has served my needs perfectly so far, so any suggestions that could lead to it's revival would be swell. Also, I live in Portland, Oregon so if anyone knows of a shop that could give me a low cost (less than $20) estimate, that too would be appreciated. I would be willing to spend up to $250 to have it fixed. Anything more expensive would probably have me shopping for a brand new unit.

Other info that may be pertinent:

The projector was ceiling mounted roughly 5" from the rear wall in the theater.

It was a re-manufactured unit. (the website I bought it from is no longer up.)

It is switched between eco and normal mode on a regular basis. (eco=TV normal=DVD

It is used less than once a week, but when it is used. it's usually for about 4 hours. Occasionally, (3x in the last six months) I have it on while working from home resulting in 7-8 hrs of constant usage.

Any input will be helpful,

Thank you for your attention and support!
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