Samsung's QLEDs are here.

The Samsung Q Series of QLED LED-lit LCD HDR-capable 4K TVs was launched today. The announcement included pricing for the company's along with a number of other items in its 2017 home entertainment product lineup

AVS Forum members are no strangers to the Samsung Q Series models: The Q7C, Q7F , Q8, and Q9, which were first announced at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, back in January.

These are edgelit-LED LCD TVs, with the Q7 (available curved or flat) using a bottom-edgelit design, the curved-only Q8 using a top and bottom edgelit design, and the flat-only Q9 using a dual side-edgelit design. All of these TVs are claimed to offer 100% DCI/P3 color volume, which means you'll see richer colors when watching HDR content with wide color gamut—especially tones found in the highlights.

You can preorder now.

Samsung is taking preorders on the Q7, Q7F, and Q8 models, which have also appeared in stores including Best Buy in recent days. In the Q7 series, the 55" QN55Q7F is priced at $2500, the 65" QN65Q7F costs $3500, and the 75" QN75Q7F runs $6000.

Meanwhile, the 55" curved QN55Q7C sells for $3000 and the 65" QN65Q7C goes for $4300.

The step-up 55" QN55Q8C is a $3500 TV and the 65" QN65Q8C has a $4800 price tag. If you like big TVs, the 75" QN75Q8 will run you $6800.

I don't have official pricing and availability info for the Q9 series yet, but I do have a 65" Q9 in for a hands-on first look, which you can check out here .