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Hi to all again,

After changing my mind and my budget for the past couple of months I went from b&w 686 to tannoy or sonus faber and now I think I found the best speakers for MY taste and price.

This is only for 2 channel HiFi music listening (joe cocker, diana krall, barry white, norah jones, marcus miller and etc.)

I've listened the both speakers with the Rotel RA-06 and I think they are quite good (for ME again) but I think that the CM1 is more laid back or refined, and the 705 had better imaging and more full-er sound, more dynamic and at the same time a little bright but I liked that.

Their price difference is 400euros since the CM1s are 800e and the 705s are 1200euros.

I must say that for me the 705s are still between the CM series and the 800 series even that are dated now but that is verry personal thing and opinion.

Now the problem:

For me the 705s were better but I dont know if that justifies the extra 400euros and you clearly can't answer that for me but the thing that bothers me is that a friend of mine who is verry into HiFi said to me that Rotel is for 600 and CM series, so for 700 and above (800 classe ofcourse) I need a better amp to trully see the benefit of the 705s.

So did the Rotel RA-06 was holding a little back the 705s or not, will they be a little better with a better amp and I can then justify their higher price tag (btw they look damn fine for me and all is UK build not that it's important but I must admit for me it is) knowing that I liked them even now a little over the CM1s?

And another off topic question, that same friend told me that B&W may have discontinued the 700 series because of the manufacturing costs of that non-parallel cabinets and they didn't have that much profit, and that the 700 series is still good even between the CM series which is trickled down from the 800 (personal opinion for this so nothing bad)

Thanks for the answers
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