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Heres proof there was a crt at Cedia.

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This is also posted to the Cedia Picture thread.


This was CrystalViews booth with what I think is a Marquee 9500.

I heard it looked great.
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It was indeed a modified Marquee 9500LC. I saw it display both DVD and HD Video. The latter of which was absolutely jaw dropping.

Any 9500LC that is properly modified (try Mike Parker's VIM and neck board mods), that is properly calibrated, and fed good sources through a good video processor will indeed look spectacular. Unfortunately, except for us CRT freaks, CRT FPJs are dead in the market place. Its over. The up coming HD2 plus machines and the 3 DLP Zenon bulbed projectors and other $35K technology like the Sony are scary good.

No, the CRT is still King in some regards. But the King has been deposed. Only loyal subjects like you and me will pay homage and stay loyal. The masses are and will be going elsewhere.
At $35K it will be a Loooong time before I abandon CRT.

I figure if you have a 9" CRT hanging on your ceiling, does it really matter if digital catches up? Unless you want a bigger screen, no reason to buy a digital projector once the techonology matches CRT.
Originally posted by mark haflich

No, the CRT is still King in some regards. But the King has been deposed. Only loyal subjects like you and me will pay homage and stay loyal. The masses are and will be going elsewhere.

Hmm... that's why I did not see a turntable in Best Buy last week. And now that I think of it, neither did they have Krell or Martin Logan.

So, someone must still sell turntables, Martin Logans, Krell and the other FINER audio products. But for some reason, these items don't seem to get the attention of the masses... I wonder why :confused:

Edit: CrystalViews projector did not have my mods in it. However, I was formally invited to their booth this year, but I was not able to make this Cedia. Not sure of what was done to the projector, but the core of the company has many years experience with the Marquee series. So I'm sure it was probably the best image at the show. I would even bet that 9500LC wins an award. This company has all the right ingredients - Keep your eyes on them ;)
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Mark is right about a properly set up moded 9500 looks absolutely stunning. I have seen Mike's 9500 showing HD and DVDs and it is just spectacular!

I saw this 9500LC at the show and it was indeed amazing. They had an HD video source and switched from their 720p DLP to the 9500LC and the difference was obvious. Not that the DLP looked bad, it didn't, but that CRT beat the pants off of it.

The mods were apparently things like "IC's, resistors, and capacitor changes" (quote from the demo guy). I have not seen an unmodified 9500LC so I can't comment on the changes.

There was also a turntable on display at CEDIA. I wish I had taken a picture of it now...

It was definately an impressive display...

Cary, was that the gentleman who was talking about all the mods or was it the other booth with the 9500 (with the cool case!)? Maybe it was both, I just remember the other one (names withheld) was very quick to claim that it was not a stock chassis, but had tons of parts changes...to justify the cost.

Now that I think about it, I remeber talking about "Chris Stephens type mods" in the Crystal View booth...Aw heck, my mind is still mush.
I don't know which I like better: The specialized Marquee case or the Bass/Jaymar Home Theater seating! :)

Mark, 3 points.

The most popular restaurant in America is ..... McDonalds

The most popular car in America... The Ford Taurus

The post popular music artist.....50cent ?????

Just because it appeals to the masses, dont make it good.

Let the masses keep the lightbulb pj's

Im going to the Best Quality picture available

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The pj is great but those seats look awesome. Where do you get them?

And to continue the list, the best selling speaker brand in America is:


And number 2 is Radio Shack!
Originally posted by RebelRam
The pj is great but those seats look awesome. Where do you get them?

Bill - they're Jaymar's (made up here near Montreal) and rebadged as Bass Loungers for sale in the US.

See here:


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Yes, it was not a pretty sight for CRT there. There were several very good looking FPDDs. I actually got to see all of the heavy hitters except the DPI cinema PJ. It is sad at this point. I had really hoped that the remaining deficiencies in the lamp based PJs would have by now been eliminated but I don't know. The Marantz 3 chip looked really great but the screen was too small and material selected too much to know what it can do in displaying images of low APL.

The SXRD only had a five minute demo( maybe less) and again, no low light. This is where the FP PJs are still not there and so much film is replete with material in that low APL category. We have all seen it coming but the champion is loosing his crown not to a contender who went toe to toe and won but instead by default. My trip to Indy really showed me nothing that I didn't already know but had hoped would not be true.

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If the masses are going elswhere, that means better availability for us CRT heads. Even if/when the other bulbie thingies get close to the quality of CRT, they still won't have the WOW factor of that big beautiful beast hanging from the ceiling. I get almost as many "awsome" comments from people who have only seen it turned off. There could be tumble weeds on the floor but the projector is clean as new. OK, I have to go read it a bedtime story.

Chip S.

Chip S.
My post remains valid. Thanks for all the err insights guys. My projector is as good as it gets. So what. VHS beat out beta but beta was way better. CRTs are dead except for us. Ask the CRT resellers how's business. Accurate imaging was pushing a $6K 4/3 chip DLP. Believe me, nobody but us is buying a beta err CRT.

Tell me anybody. What retailer or custom showroom is demoing a CRT. I know of one retailer far from me who is dying to unload his 600 hr Sony G90. I can get it for you for $12K. Illustrative point, not a sollicitation by me. Sure a used CRT machine will be cheaper and better in many ways than a beast. But only for us and exactly how many of us are left. Will our numbers be growing or decreasing. I am 58. i haven't sold a CRT in 2 years. Zero interest.
i hope to be installing 2 crt systems in the next few months for prior customers that now want the best pq available.

i think that their friends will also be interested once they see the pq vs price.

there is no way i have the expertise to properly set-up these units so i hope to be hiring a very well respected crt person here in the bay area for the calibration.

so i guess i am doing my part to keep the crt alive and hopefully bringing others to the small circle of people that appreciate the best regardless of what the masses are doing.
My company has not installed or sold a CRT in close to three years. On the other hand all of the techs own one as do I. Go figure? The digitals are now cheap enough to even edge out the used CRT market. IMHO my Marquee blows away any digital we have ever installed, but the half hour setup and no service wins out.

Mark [Haflich],

Part of the problem in selling a CRT as a retailer is dedication, opportunnity, and price-point. I fully recognize that the CRTs in my home were never designed nor priced for home use, and had I only the option to buy new would not have be capable of entertaining such an opportunity.

But, just because no retailers are selling new units doesn't make a dead horse drop at my feet, just your feet. Thus, if you can't sell CRTs maybe you should try selling cars.
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