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Hey everyone,

Just got a new in box Denon AVR 1708 a couple weeks ago for $75. Its a 7.1 receiver with HDMI switching, the whole shebang. Im running a pair of Polk RT25 bookshelf speakers and a Sony 8" sub on it and it sounds pretty good for the price i have into the whole sound system. *cough cough $75
* As for my TV, its an Insignia 39" LCD that I bought for christmas. Got a PS3, PS2, and a PS1 all slim models hooked up to it. And lastly, im in the process of building some speaker stands. The ones online were ridiculously expensive, so I went out and bought $20 worth of wood and made my own. They are 2 foot sections of 2x6 boards sandwiched between 2 pieces of plywood, and a PVC pipe in the back to hide the speaker wire. Let me know what you guys think!!


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