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I got the Canon WD-H58 (which is probably NOT reasonably priced) and use it on my HFS-100.

It's OK.


The glass and construction are great. Wide angle shots look good and are sharp.


It's slightly heavier than the camera itself. It's not unbearable but it will definitely put extra strain on your hand/arm while shooting.

Items close to the lens (about 5ft or so) will distort slightly around the edges of the show (IE, straight lines will be bowed around the lens). Not as bad as a fish-eye, but noticeable. I was initially disappointed by this but I've not actually noticed it yet in actual shooting. I had a Sony Wide Angle lens for an HDR-HC3 (Sony VCL-HG0730X ) that had NO distortion at all so I was surprised to see this on the Canon.

It blocks the built in mic inputs from the front. Although I suspect this will be a problem with any wide angle lens attachment for this camera.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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