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Hi Mark,

This are some posts from you from way back in Feb 01 and August 01:

Greetings Swampfox (cool name, BTW)...

The Gen V's are so darn nice... some of Arnie's very best work IMHO... they work so well "in room"... in fact, in any room... :)

O.K. the Genesis 2000 Model C's are very similar in most respects...

They model C uses 2 of our custom, 8" single layer aluminum woofers, with a new VIFA made for us midbass coupler (6.5" like the V's) that is warmer AND sweeter in this critical band, coupled to the exact same titanium midrange and the exact same circular ribbon tweeter...

About 8 inches taller than a Gen V but without the built in servo woofer amps... (VERY important point)...

Much better cosmetic package... (again, IMHO) and can play loud without breakup... Super price to performance package at about $3700 ~ $3800 dollars per pair.

That's what I can share with you tonight... :)

All the best... and thanks for your comments...


Originally posted by pmf:

Well, I guess all good things have to end afterall. It's sad to see part 1 of the Diva post stopped at just short of post #500.

On second note, it's glad to hear from Mark again and I am encouraged to know that those who are curious enough to make the change on the R3 tweeters' phase issue will not be sacrificing their warranties. Granted I have not received my C3 & R3's yet but will listen closely before making the modification and would also like to hear what Mark's take on this plus his upcoming endeavors such as the Genesis speakers & Niro amps.


Dear pmf:

I'll have lots more to offer on the new Genesis 2000 product real soon... I'm back to China on Monday, and we are wrapping everything up for production very soon... we'll also have another surprise with respect to speakers real soon also.

Niro was misinterpreted in Stereophile. I am not the importer... My job was to help with the review process (many to come quite soon) and to help the ever capable Lee Adams (ex of SoundStream) get everything set up...

My task is complete... except I want a set of everything for myself... WOW! Unbelievable equipment in every respect...

All the best...

Mark, with all the good things we got from your Diva line, I cannot wait to see your Genesis line come out. Do you know when it will be available? Will they have matching center and surround sound speakers?

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i'm a colorado boy,

and have always loved genesis.

i am very interested in hearing about the new juicy things mark has been working on!
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