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I recently bought a Samsung LCD UN32F5000 and I'm getting hiccups in sound/image, I don't know what's the technical name of this problem, just happen that the sound/image freeze for about 1.5 seconds and then play normally.

I'm using component cables, my Wii is connected to it, so I though it could be the problem, maybe using HDMI (upgrading to WiiU) would fix that?

I disabled every post image procesing crap to accelerate the TV, the video game mode is on, but the problem still there, it doesn't happen all the time though, only during intense video cutscenes like Smash Brawl intro, or Monster Hunter 3.

I update the TV to the lastest firmware available http://www.samsung.com/cl/support/model/UN32F5000AGXZS-downloads?downloadName=FM but no luck.
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