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Hi everyone,

Currently have a "Server" which is used for my HTPC / Sercurity Camera's / Bit of extra storage for my desktops just for docs music stuff like that

was wondering what sort of setup should i be looking at, ive found its pretty hard to get a simple response from google....

i cant recall my current specs at work atm

but does the server have to be "beefy" at all cause i have been looking into these QNAP NAS Storage devices - i know the same thing can be built yourself for a fraction of the price but there a CBF factor to it


do i necessarily need a high powered CPU or will like a 2.x ghz do fine

also ram i think i currently have 4gig

i notice when im uploading stuff to the server my movies bog out real bad and needs to buffer everything 30secs or so also if 2x ppl are watching movies at the same time.

i have 3x media centers in the house connected to this

+ security system which records pretty much 24x7 due to a glitch on the motion sensors on one of me cams

but in your opinions what would be a great server setup to run, something capable of HD Video, i dont convert anything on the fly as i use the might XBMC who can play anything ive come across so far.....
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